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Car Reconstructions

The flexible FLEXISANDER tools are widely used as a tool for a body-worker. They replace standard spatulas, scrapers, grinders and other tools and equipment for filling and of course for grinding too. There are significant savings of the filling material and of the time required to achieve the results desired thanks to the perfect sealing of curved surfaces and to the curved grinding of them.

Excellent results are achieved by using the flexible FLEXISANDER tools during the sanding and cementing of bodies when renovating old-timer cars, as the flexible cementing knives perfectly follow the line of the concave and convex curves of an old-timer body. The manual flexible electric sander comes in handy for sanding large areas. It perfectly prepares the surface for painting thanks to a wide choice of sandpapers or Abranet as ideal tools for finishing.

FLEXISANDER tools are also used in the Škoda a.s. Prototype Department of Development Center  for the development of new prototypes.