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enjoyed by professionals
in the automotive industry

enjoyed by professionals
in the shipbuilding industry

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enjoyed by professionals
in the automotive industry

Car Reconstructions

The flexible FLEXISANDER tools are widely used as a tool for a body-worker. They replace standard spatulas, scrapers, grinders and other tools and equipment for filling and of course for grinding too. There are significant savings of the filling material and of the time required to achieve the results desired thanks to the perfect sealing of curved surfaces and to the curved grinding of them.

Ship Repairs

If our customer is to perform the task of filling, sanding and coating a hull or a fuselage, no matter whether filling or sanding and an aluminium or wooden boat are involved, the FLEXISANDER tools are the right choice. The different lengths of filling knives and the sanding plates with a hard or soft worktop create unique tools for filling and sanding curves, adhering to the line fully.

Heavy Industry

The unique FLEXISANDER technology of filling and grinding convex or concave curved surfaces can be found in use in other manufacturing industries too. It is used in the construction or repair of blades of wind turbines, in removing the bosses of parting surfaces in pattern shops, in sanding and cleaning up finished products or in the total repairs of negative moulds (filling and sanding).

Wood Industry

Our customers can successfully use a wide range of the flexible FLEXISANDER tools in processing wood or, to put it more precisely, wooden curved surfaces. The FLEXISANDER technology is conveniently used not only when finishing various structural wooden elements – spiral railings, curved windows frames etc., but also in making wooden sculptures by artists.

Aircraft Industry

The flexible FLEXISANDER tools have an important position in the repair of aircraft as well, particularly in sanding aircraft surfaces and in preparing for painting. We have received a lot of positive feedback from companies using our tools for filling and sanding hulls of both small sports aircraft and large transport ones.

Building Industry

The FLEXISANDER tools for filling and sanding are also used in the building industry, specifically for the curved shapes of plasterboard structures. Thanks to using the locking strip of the sanding surfaces of the manual sanders with the dust extraction, the otherwise flexible tools can be used as standard hard sanding boards for sanding flat surfaces too.