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revolutionary and patented
sanding & filling innovation

enjoyed by professionals
in the shipbuilding industry

enjoyed by professionals
in the automotive industry

also used
in the heavy industries

revolutionary and patented
sanding & filling innovation

make your sending and filling 100% accurate and save your time and money!
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We are pleased to introduce the innovative FLEXISANDER technology for applying fillers and sanding flat or curved surfaces, developed by our company.

Our FS 42070E flexible orbital sander was nominated for the 2013 DAME Design Award at METS 2013. The main advantage of the FLEXISANDER technology is:

It is enabled by the combination of an optimal filler amount application and a sequential, extensively shortened sanding time, while maintaining the top quality work regardless of the workers´ qualifications.

Material savings – using the flexible FLEXISANDER filling knives applied on the surface, spread the optimal amount of the filler needed to adjust possible asperities (saving up to 40% of the material compared to existing technologies, depending on the original condition of the surface) and therefore achieve distinctive time savings during the subsequent sanding process.

Time savings – less material for sanding and more power performance of the FS 42070 E electric sander enabled by using 100% of the tool´s working surface. Another benefit consists in creating an ideal curvature of the sanded surface, eliminating a potential human error. The combination of these attributes adds 50% to 70% time savings in comparison with the existing technological processes of sanding.

Total savings can be expressed financially by the summary of relevant times and current prices of the labour and materials used.

This technology was originally developed for the marine industry but it has also been successfully used in other sectors, such as automotive and aerospace industries, in making composites, in manufacturing molds and models and in other segments.

Our professional tools are protected by patents. All the tools are ready for global use. Our electrical tools come with the EU certification. For use outside of the EU please consult our Sales Department on a possible customization of the product.

If you are a PROFESSIONAL, this is a must-have innovation.
If you are a do-it-yourself guy, then work like a PRO!

Anyway, when using FLEXISANDER, you reduce filling applications leftovers by 99%.
And whatever time you spend regularly sanding or filling curved surfaces, you will save 50-70% of it