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For sanding with Flexicat tools you need Velcro (Hookit) sandpaper. Based on experience, we recommend the sandpaper from 3M and Saitac.
The sandpaper strips are marked with P grit size, from course at 40 to fine at 150.
The grit size corresponds to the average measured particle diameter.


To start sanding you will need Velcro (Hookit) sandpaper.
The following table serves as a guide in deciding which grit size of paper to choose for various tasks.

For What / Grain P40 P60 P80 P100 P120 P150
Removing paint / dust OK OK
Sanding edges OK OK
Sanding Thin Layers OK OK
Rough Sanding OK OK OK
Sanding Underpaint OK OK
Light Sanding OK OK

Explanation of the names of the FLEXISANDER manual boards:
FFK = Flexible Filling Knife
FSB = Flexible Sanding Board
FSB DE = Flexible Sanding Board with the Dust Exhaust System

for example... FSB 056111DE stands for Flexible Sanding Board, 56 x 11 cm, hardness of the plate = 1 (extra soft), with Dust Exhaust System,
or FFK 100112 stands for Flexible Filling Knife, 100 x 11 cm, hardness of the plate = 2 (soft)